• Year: 2014
  • Genre: Short, Drama, Romance
  • Runtime: 8 min
  • Country: USA

A sadistic short film about love


Destroyer is the story of the frailty of love. To salvage his marriage, a desperate husband (Frank)
performs a last‐ditch act of love to persuade his wife (Debbie) that there is something left between


Destroyer features the talent of Alan Ruck as “Frank” and Judith Hoag as “Debbie”. Alan and Judith bring
Director Andrew Kightlinger’s vision to life in a way the director never thought possible. We know you’ll
be captivated by the performance, and you’ll be hanging on edge – waiting for what will happen next as
Frank works to save what he and Debbie once had.


  • Alan Ruck

    Alan Ruck

  • Judith Hoag

    Judith Hoag

Alan Ruck – Frank
Judith Hoag – Debbie

Director: Andrew Kightlinger
Writers: Andrew Kightlinger, Jake Miller, Rod Peyton