Joe West’s Theater of Death: Official Soundtrack Vol. 1

  • Label: Baby Black Panda
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: Soundtrack

These recordings are a collection from the first two productions of The Theater of Death. The shows were created and performed at the Engine House Theatre in Madrid, New Mexico in April and October of 2014.

Inspired by the beautiful, poetic macabre prose of Edgar Allen Poe and the “naturalists” of the time, the Grand Guignol Theater presented odd one act plays which alternated between horror and comedy. They were bawdy, gruesome and sensuous.

Audiences of the early 20th Century would dare to walk the dark alley that led to the gothic doorway of the Theatre Du Grand Guignol. Through streets full of absinthe, opium dens and prostitution, both rich and poor would come to be thrilled.

The building that housed the theater had been built as a convent and was adorned with smirking cherubs and strange Christian iconography, which added to the creepy ambiance that was a night at the Grande Guignol. The theater management advertised the fact that there was a “doctor on duty to aid the weak of heart”.

The original Grand Guignol was a form of entertainment that embraced all the classes; rich and poor, educated and uneducated, the sinners and the saints. It relished in the dark side of human behavior and, in a sense, became a thrilling celebration of what it is to be human.

Track Listing

  • 01 Introduction 3:21
  • 02 Dysfunction 3:13
  • 03 Bus Station 2:17
  • 04 Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien ‐ (Featuring Lori Ottino) 3:33
  • 05 Zombie Jam #1 1:54
  • 06 Art is Life (Featuring David Ode) 1:52
  • 07 Night On The Town 2:40
  • 08 Zombie Jam #2 2:30
  • 09 La Llorona (Featuring Busy McCarroll) 3:20
  • 10 The Absinthe Fairy 2:25
  • 11 Hamlet Minuet 1:04
  • 12 Milord (Featuring Lori Ottino) 1:58
  • 13 Dr. Jones Commercial 3:19


Joe West, Lori Ottino, Anthony Leon, Busy McCarroll, Kevin Jones, Westin McDowell, David Ode, Daniel Jaramillo, Lance Highers, Karina Wilson

Cast and Crew:

Brian McDaniel, Joel Nicholas, Zach Nicholas, Katie Reed, Peter Singdahlsen, Stella Byrne, Rick Wiegers, Stuart Graw, JoAnna Conte, Durham, Rebecca Abel, David Ode, Steve Shepherd, Diane Lotti, Tina Rodriguez, James Hayes, Lori Ottino, Busy McCarroll